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Clay Soup Bowl (UNGLAZED White Clay) 4pcs

Clay Soup Bowl (UNGLAZED White Clay) 4pcs

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Set of 4 clay bowls introduces a harmonious blend of functionality and artisanal elegance to the dining experience. Crafted from clay, these bowls showcase the skilled hands of artisans who mold and shape each piece, resulting in a set that embodies both uniformity and individuality. The porous quality of the clay imparts a natural cooling effect, creating an ideal vessel for serving a variety of dishes that benefit from a touch of temperature moderation. Beyond their practical utility, the bowls contribute to the visual appeal of any table. Whether used for soups, salads, Water or side dishes, each bowl becomes a canvas of craftsmanship. The set of 4 not only offers practicality for family or group dining but also presents an opportunity to appreciate the artistry and tradition embedded in each unique piece, transforming everyday meals into a celebration of both function and form.

Before using for the first time, it's crucial to prepare it properly to ensure optimal performance and longevity. Start by cleaning it thoroughly with warm water and a gentle brush to remove any dust or debris that may have accumulated during the manufacturing process. DO NOT use detergent or soap, as the porous nature of the clay can absorb these substances and affect the taste of the beverage.
Once cleaned, Fill it completely with water for 24 HOURS. This allows the clay to absorb water, reducing its porosity and minimizing the risk of cracking. After 24 HOURS throw all water and Re wash it with warm water.

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